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  • Small pressed electrical contact parts

    Small pressed electrical contact parts.

  • Pressings in all different types of metals.

    Pressings in all different types of metals.

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    Toolmaking press tools.

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    Small pressed parts

  • Technical Design Service.

    Technical Design Service.


Are you in need of or looking for a company that specializes in  Toolmaking and presswork if so get in touch with us at West Herts Tools and Pressings Ltd. We are situated at Unit 4 Walter Lawrence Trading Estate, Brewers Hill, Dunstable, Bedfordshire with excellent links to the M1, M25 and mainline rail services.

We have a nationwide and international customer base making parts that are used by companies such as Marconi, BAE and Anglian Windows all over the U.K. as well as Hong Kong, the U.S.A, Germany and many more.

Tool Pressings

Tool Making ToolmakingWe provide a total solution for companies requiring pressed parts, from help and advice with component design, tooling design and manufacture through to production of pressed parts. All areas of the industry are serviced. We have a wide customer base and have a reputation for finding solutions to problem parts.


Tooling can be tailored to suit the individual customer’s requirements. We can make budget tooling for low-volume production if you are unsure of the future of the product and do not have the confidence for a major investment. We can also make full progression tooling for mass production of cheap, high-quality parts.

We cover all areas of presswork, and we have toolmakers who specialise in all areas, such as deep draw, progression, pierce + blank, and forming tools, jigs, fixtures and special purpose machinery as well as any other tooling requirements.


At West Herts Tools and Pressings Ltd, we place great importance on customer service and this philosophy runs all the way through the company.  We believe that the more successful our customers are, the more successful we will be.  We will always do our best to help solve any problems that occur, and our workforce is very flexible and willing to help out if deadlines or designs change during a project.

We are happy to provide quotations for your products even if it is at a very early stage and only being done as a quoting exercise as we believe that the more involvement and contact we have with our customers the more chance we have of developing a successful relationship.

Toolmaking Tool Pressings

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